Nicholas Lange - A Cultural Discovery of the Alps to Provence

July 2019


Overall: We'd highly recommend this experience to anyone looking to get beyond the limited depth touristic experience in great personalization and comfort. Our trip was filled with unforgettably unique experiences for us and our family that exactly suited our needs and interests that exceeded our expectations. Our guide, JB, was a delight. He was very kind, thoughtful, and helped put us at ease as he introduced us to special experiences we would never have found, or been able to make happen on our own. He was highly flexible and accomodating throughout, and the itinerary he developed based on our relatively little input--we mentioned an interest in finding off the beaten path, really getting to know the parts of the world we'd be visiting--allowed us to quickly engage with people and places despite our limited abilities with the language. Whether it was the personal tour of the roadside lavender museum (by the grandson of the original proprietor), the guided nature hike into the mountains with a deep dive into the shepherd culture of the southern alps; or just an impromptu swim conveniently added on the fly as a nod to the heat wave and perfect opportunity. The food... oh the food... fresh, local, authentic, long-lasting fond memories for us all. Thoroughly enjoyable conversations helped pass some of the drive time, and overall his presence and the itinerary helped make all of us feel very comfortable, and connected as we tasted and learned and developed a fondness for places that we'd love to return to.