The Norwegian hytte is very much a part of Norwegian culture with one in three Norwegian families owning one. Traditionally they are small cabins in the mountains where Norwegians would go for holidays; walking, cross country skiing, hunting and fishing. They were traditionally very basic with just a wood burner for melting snow and candlelight but these have evolved over the years with families building 'hytter' with varying levels of comfort! Read more about the Norwegian 'hytter' in our blog, What is a Norwegian Hytte?

The Norwegian government also own a network of these refuges which are available to hire out and it is possible to plan a multi night refuge to refuge trek or cross country ski trip staying in these 'hytter'. 

You can experience a night in a Norwegian 'hytte' as part of a cross country skiing holiday in Norway. This fabulous expedition takes place at the end of a week learning and honing your cross country skiing and nordic skiing skills to be able to embark on this unforgettable adventure.

You will set off with your food and equipment for the night packed into rucksacks and a sled which will be pulled by your guide and cross country ski through the Norwegian mountains to the hytte. Your guide will help you set up the hytte for the night and you will all cook together before settling down for your trapper style night in a hytte dinner!