Rock Climbing Kit List

For our rock climbing holidays and rock climbing activities as part of our multi activity holidays all the technical hardware equipment you’ll need for rock climbing is provided by your guide. This includes helmets, ropes, harnesses, quick draws, carabiners, etc. 

Rock climbing slippers or shoes are not included as these are very personal items and most intermediate and experienced climbers will have and bring their own. If you are a beginner, you won't need climbing shoes for your first few experiences but may wish to invest in some if you take it up as a sport.

This is a guide of personal clothing and other items you might need for a rock climbing day or longer trip. Please adapt to the season and weather you will be climbing in!

Packing List:

  • T-shirts and light thermals - in hot weather a light coloured t-shirt is best to protect your shoulders from the sun. In cooler weather light weight thermals or other stretchy tops made from wicking materials are recommended. Bear in mind you will have a harness over the top of these so avoid over-long tops or thick lower pockets which will bunch up under your harness.
  • ¾ length trousers / full length trousers - stretchy. For rock climbing ¾ length trousers are better than shorts as they don't get hitched up by your harness. Trousers with stretch materiel are best as you need full flexibility.  Bear in mind you will have a harness over the top of these so avoid thick belts.
  • Warm layers. It can be cool in the evenings / early mornings or on higher exposed sections so a couple of fleeces are worth having and some long trousers. Keep in mind light weight and stretch as a rule of thumb. It is best to have several thin layers than one thick layer. 
  • Waterproof / windproof jacket - Hopefully you won't need it but best to have it just in case and it can come in useful on windy summits or belay spots.
  • A pair of approach shoes / hiking shoes (not boots), or a good pair of closed-toe trainers (or rock climbing shoes if you have any)
  • Rock climbing slippers / shoes if you have these (not essential for beginners but recommended for intermediate, multi-pitch or advanced climbing)
  • Chalk bag - again this is not essential but recommended for more advanced climbing or multi pitch routes
  • Buff or neck warmer. A neck warmer or 'Buff' can be worn under your helmet or around your neck to help manage warmth, keeps hair out of the way, and also acts as a sweat band for hot days.
  • Rucksack to carry spare sweater, waterproofs, packed lunch, water bottle, and other bits and pieces to the via ferrets. A 25 litre rucksack should be fine. 
  • Good sized water flask or a plastic water bottle. A platypus or similar water system is also very handy for all activities
  • Lunch box - for taking your picnics in and avoiding un-necessary use of plastic wrappings on picnics where possible.
  • A sun hat or cap
  • A good sunscreen (it’s very easy to get a sun burn at our altitude, especially when on a crag!
  • Lipsalve
  • Climbing glasses - it is possible to get prism climbing glasses that allow you to see upwards without tilting your neck. These are not essential but quite nice to have for long days climbing in top rope situations.
  • Sun glasses