Snowscoots are now available to hire in most ski rental shops across the Southern French Alps and have become a popular sight on the pistes.

Snowscoots are non-motorised snow scooters - a bit like a ski version of a child's scooter, with the wheels replaced by large skis!

The front section is separated from the main section that you stand on and has the steering handlebars attached. It is quite easy to master a snowscoot with a bit of practice and a few technique tips. The most important tip is to use your hips and weight to steer the snowscoot rather than relying on just turning the steering handlebars!

You can take the snowscoot up on ski lifts so have full access to play on any of the ski pistes in the resort!

We offer snowscoot as part of a winter activity holiday or ski adventure holiday in the ski resorts of Orcières or in the ski villages of Chaillol, Ancelle and Saint-Léger-les-Mélèzes in the Southern French Alps.

If you want a change from skiing or snowboarding, this funny tool could be what you are looking for!