The Norwegians have traditionally used cross country skis to get around so snowshoeing is a relatively new sport in this beautiful Scandinavian country. However it is becoming more and more popular as a way of exploring the mountains and fells of Norway. Snowshoeing is well adapted for gentle, rolling hills so the topography of Norway is perfect snowshoeing territory!

The main advantage of snowshoeing over cross country skiing for novices is that you have full control both going up and down, whatever your level! You won't encounter the problem of your skis sliding away too fast for you to control!  For that reason they are a great tool when tackling less skiable terrains!

However, experienced cross country skiers may find snowshoeing frustrating as you have to walk rather than glide so it is a much slower sport! 

With Norway being a pretty much snow sure destination, it is a good choice of destination if you are looking for a good fix of winter walking in the snow!

You can try snowshoeing as part of our cross country ski holiday in Norway on your free day. We are currently also looking into full snowshoeing guided tours in Norway so will update you as and when we create these!