Winter Multi Activity Holidays - Sughra Khedapa

April 2017


A thoroughly enjoyable holiday indeed. It was so much better than we had even expected, mainly down to the excellent and suitable activities and accommodation recommended by JB ( an excellent guide in every way). a holiday full tranquillity and thrills - a perfectly balanced combination for our group of 2 adults and 4 children (age 9-14).


We stayed at the hotel Catrems in Orcieres. The rooms were clean and hotel personal and cosy. The owner and the staff working there were kind and helpful. They serve a 3 course meal for 10 euros per person - eat all that you want in terms of quantity. The decor of the hotel was pretty and quaint - giving a true alpine feel


Our 4 days holiday was aptly filed with activities that kept the children happy and busy as well as giving the adults enough downtime.

We had a one day beginners ski lesson followed the next day by a play-in-the-snow fun day on the pistes where we got to see the huskies as well.

We then relaxed in the resort's leisure centre swimming pool and the kids also used the ice rink there. Having the leisure centre simply a 5 minutes walk away from our hotel was very convenient (seen as we were not driving ourselves).

The next day we went for an overnight cabin trip which was the highlight of our trip. Our guide, Olivier, was brilliant with the children and a very kind and thoughtful host overall. We woke up to a delicious breakfast set up on the mountain top with a beautiful alpine sun in the background to complement it. Simply perfect!

Last but not least, we went rock climbing which the kids loved!

So by taking our holiday in mid-April, we got best of both the winter and summer activites. Again, all credit must go to JB who helped us make suitable choices through email correspondence. He was very patient and always happily answered any questions we had.