Top Winter Adventures to try for New Year

Posted 19-09-2014

If you are wondering what to do to make this New Year a special one, here are some ideas!

Sleep in an Igloo:

The majestic silence of the mountains at night under a clear starry sky and spectacular mountain backdrop are enough to take anyone’s breathe away! Spend the whole night out in the wilds of the mountains snuggled up in your igloo and be the first to see the sunrise come up over the mountains to mark the New Year!

Wolf Tracking:

A real, one in a lifetime, wilderness experience in the rustic mountains of the Alps, tracking wolves. Discover the secret world of the wolf and see first hand how their prey; the mouflon, chamois, wild boar, and deer, survive under the threat. An exciting but humbling adventure to put the New Year into perspective!


Broaden your horizons for the coming year and escape from the crowded pistes. Explore the real mountains of the Alps on snowshoes and experience it’s majestic charm. A good fix of exercise and clean fresh alpine air are just what you need to blow away the cobwebs of last year and get energized for the next!

If you have any ideas for winter adventures to bring the New Year in, we'd love to hear them. Please make your suggestions in the comments below!


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