So What is a Via Ferrata?

If you like a vertical challenge and like being in unusual situations, you'll love via ferratas. For more information about via ferratas, read our ultimate guide to via ferrata.

Via Ferratas were invented by the Italian army as a means of getting their troops through the inaccessible mountain ranges of the Alps. They have since become a sport in their own right and there are now via ferrata courses dotted all over the Alps.

They consist of metal ladders and thick wires positioned strategically over rock faces and some have wire bridges crossing over the narrow gorges above rivers.

By using via ferratas, you can explore the rock faces towering above dramatic gorges, climb up overhanging cliffs and traverse along the strata layering the mountain sides. For a bit of added excitement, wire bridges are often included as a way of getting from one mountain to another or traversing over a gorge. Some even incorporate tyrolean zip wires as a way to get back down from the top!

Via Ferrata Holidays:

You can join us on a family via ferrata on our summer multi activity holiday. This is a fully customisable holiday using activity points so you can choose one or more via ferratas on this holiday and mix and match it with a wide range of other activities and adventures. 

If you prefer to avoid school holidays, then have a look at our via ferrata short break which explores the best via ferratas of the southern French Alps - an ideal trip for people looking to join a group of other like minded via ferrata fans and fit in the best via ferratas in the Alps over a long weekend.

Safety on a Via Ferrata:

All our via ferrata holidays use fully qualified UIAGM high mountain guides or climbing instructors to ensure your safety when climbing a via ferrata.

You will be given specialist via ferrata harnesses and helmets and shown how to use them to ensure you are attached to the safety wire for the duration of the via ferrata. Our guides also use an additional safety rope for added security.


What is a Via Ferrata?

A via ferrata means 'iron way' in English and is a route that has been created using metal ladders, wire bridges and handholds across otherwise inaccessible steep cliffs and gorges. They have a thick wire safety line that you can clip into using specialised via ferrata equipment for safety.

What equipment do you need for a via ferrata?

All specialist equipment is included on our via ferrata holidays. This includes a climbing harness and helmet and specialised shock absorbing cows tails to clip into the safety line. An additional rope is recommended to link participants together and provide an extra level  of safety which our guides will provide and manage. Only attempt a via ferrata if you know how to use the equipment safely. We recommend going with a qualified guide.

When is the best time of year to do a via ferrata?

You can do a via ferrata at any time of the year if the weather is dry and temperatures are comfortable but the most popular times of year are between May and November in Europe.

Can Children do Via Ferrata?

Yes some via ferratas have routes specially adapted for children with lower hand holds. We offer a kiddie via ferrata as an option on our summer multi activity holiday. Have a read of our blog about taking your children on a via ferrata for more information.

Can I book onto a tour as a solo traveller?

Yes you can join our via ferrata short break trip as a solo traveller.