Water Skiing, Wake Boarding or Tubing in the mountains? Usually these are a sports reserved for the beaches but why not try it in on a mountain lake and combine it with an activity holiday in the mountains!!

The main difference between the water skiing and wake boarding sports is that water skiing uses specially adapted water skis to ride the waters while being pulled along by a moving speed boat. It is not concerned with jumping wakes and riding waves.

Wakeboarding follows the same principle, but uses a single board, more like a snowboard and is more of a combination of surfing and snow boarding along with water skiing and a little bit of skate boarding as well. Wake boarders, like surfers, ride on waves or rather wakes left by the speed boat behind which it is towed and as such a major factor in wake boarding is the size of the wakes.

Thanks to continual evolution of equipment it is possible to choose a water ski or wake board for all levels, from total beginner to advanced so everyone can get the most out of their time behind the speed boat!

For thrill seekers there is tubing - large inflatable tubes that are pulled along by a speed boat. This requires the least skill!!!