Paragliding in winter in the Alps

The Southern French Alps is a popular hotspot for paragliders and the winter is no exception.

In most ski resorts, there are companies offering winter paragliding with a ski landing so you can fly high over the pistes and admire the beautiful Alps covered in snow!

To do a paragliding tandem, you will get the ski lift up to the top of the mountain with your instructor (you will need to have a ski pass). You will then ski to the launch area where you instructor will set up the parachute and explain what happens next.

Once everything is set up, your instructor will attach you to the harness and to him and you will ski off the mountain together to be rewarded with marvelous views of the Southern French Alps in their winter dress. You will land at the bottom of the resort on your skis and have a gentle green piste to ski back to the lifts. Easy-peasy!

You don’t need to be an expert skier to do this as the instructor will land for you – you just need to be able to manage a green run on skis at the end of the activity!