Road cycling in the mountains is the ultimate physical challenge for cycling enthusiasts.

The winding hairpin roads typical of the mountains are challenges for cyclists and some like the famous Alpe D'Huez in the French Alps with it's 21 hairpin bends have become world famous mythical climbs.

The technique for road cycling in the mountains is different to long flat rides and energy management and a strong psychological endurance is of prime importance.

The bikes are also adapted specially with higher ratio gears for that extra bit of help on those steep gradients.

There are easier rides in most mountain areas for cycling enthusiasts who are more leisure oriented than hardcore col baggers but a good level of fitness is still required to be able to enjoy the mountain roads.

However, don't worry if you just don't have the legs and lungs required, there is a way to cheat slightly!!! The e-bike is now making a name for itself with a new modern look. The extra power you get for those uphill climbs now suddenly makes road cycling in the mountains accessible to all!