What is a Wood Fired Tub?

Some call it Swedish bath, some call it Norwegian bath – no matter what you call it, the concept seems in all likelihood to have been one more brilliant invention by our Viking friends! Slowly but surely, what we like to call the “wood-fired hot tub” made its way throughout the continent over the last decade and has become a popular activity along with the growing business of wellbeing / wellness.

As often in Scandinavia, the concept’s prime beauty is its simplicity: a big wooden bucket filled with hot water, large enough to comfortably sit several adults. The water is heated by a wood fire so no electricity is required and the wood-fired hot tub can be placed anywhere outside, often in a beautiful natural environment. 

Environmental Qualities

Most of us have seen and tried Jacuzzis at one point in our lives – the wood-fired hot tub is a very similar concept. However, unlike the jacuzzi which is motorised, and because it has its roots in one of the most environmental-friendly regions on the planet, the heating system of a Norwegian bath is all-natural too: the heat, that makes the water oh-so-nice to immerse yourself into, is usually generated by a wood stove (located under the structure) or by an external boiler – also woodfired.

Thus, a Scandinavian hot tub doesn’t require any electrical equipment and you won’t see any cabling or wiring around the structure: the concept is as green as can be! What is more, the wooden structure of the bath allows an interior-exterior flux that preserves the water remarkably well (as opposed to a plastic tub in which adding up chlorine is the only way to maintain the water’s qualities).

Wellbeing Qualities

Along with the trend which saw hammams, Jacuzzis and spas become the new norm when itcomes to wellbeing and relaxation, the Norwegian bath is a great way to rejuvenate both your body and your soul. Imagine yourself immersed in a mild fog of wood scent, with your body plunged in water close to 40 degrees, sipping a glass of champagne and enjoying the spectacular views when the outside temperatures are below zero! That all sounds quite tempting, doesn’t it?

Indeed, the greatest season to indulge yourself with a woodfired hot tub is winter, when temperatures are freezing and – even better – when it’s snowing! Just so you know, the Scandinavian theory stipulates that each bath in such a hot tub ought to be concluded by a run, and even a dive for the bravest ones, in the surrounding snow! However rest assured, an hour in a Norwegian bath is also a true delight in a beautiful summer evening!

In the mountains, it is the perfect end-of-the-day activity when your sore muscles are craving for an urgent soothing after a whole day of intense skiing, a day-long hike, or a canyoning session in not-so-warm white waters! Whether you experience it with your partner on a romantic evening, with your family or with a group of friends, a trapper hot tub is always a great time, and provides everything you can expect from a relaxing activity: wellbeing, conviviality, and spectacular views.

Where Can You Do It?

Some accommodations offer a Norwegian bath in their garden as part of their features, and that’s always enjoyable. But in some places, like at our base in the Southern French Alps, some passionate bathers have had the brilliant idea of installing their structures amidst an all-natural environment for an even more authentic experience in nature! You can include an Wood -fired hot tub experience with any of our ski holidays or winter activity holidays in the Alps.