With several million sales every year in Europe, it is becoming very hard to ignore the electric bike phenomenon! Those who tried talk about a life changing kind of experience.

A bike that gives you the same sensations as on a good old mountain bike and that turns into a small motorbike when you're fed up with peddling - wow, that sounds like something we'd all want to try !

For road cyclists, the road e-bike suddenly makes hill climbing accessible to all!

Electric mountain bikes can give you powered assistance up to 25 km/h. It is up to you how much assistance you use and how much you use your own legs for.

One of the greatest advantages of this is that it is possible to pack twice as much riding into the same amount of time. Those great trails and slopes that you normally ride while sweating it out ? You can now ride them twice ! With the extra push from the motor it is easy to double the distance covered, or do the same ride in half the time.

We know that the some hard core mountain bikers who you might think would look down on the E-MTB, have embraced this new phenomenon in full with many adding an e-bike to their collection and upping their distances and technical skills accordingly!

In the mountains where the top of the hill is always just around the next corner, knowing that you have a peddling assistant built into your bike is something of a relief !