Top 3 Luxury Guest Houses in Southern French Alps

Posted 03-03-2016 by Sally Guillaume

The Southern French Alps is a luxury holiday destination, especially for summer and winter multi activity holidays. From ice climbing and igloo building in the winter to white water rafting and paragliding in the summer, it is just about impossible to get bored ! Plus, with about 300 days of sun every year and pure high altitude air, the unique climate is the region's number one asset.

As a mostly rural area where mountain culture remains strong, the Southern French Alps attract people from the whole world who are looking for a genuinely French experience. Even the foodies will be surprised by the variety of local (and mostly organic) production of cheese, meat and delicious pies !

Until recently though, the only thing which acted as a potential deterrent to the visitors in search of a true luxury experience in this part of France was the lack of high quality places to stay.

Things are changing however, and Undiscovered Mountains, in our constant aim at offering our clients a premium service, have uncovered three places that will make you feel like you are staying in a Riviera palace - without the crowd, the noise, and the pollution !


This beautifully renovated farmhouse is located in the heart of the Champsaur Valley, one of the best preserved areas in the French Alps. It has five charming and very comfortable ensuite bedrooms with a great fusion of wood and stone. There is a jacuzzi where you'll be able to relax after a day of adventures and activities in the surrounding mountains, or, in the summer the outdoor swimming pool may well become the place you'll relax those achy muscles taking in the awe inspiring view it offers over the mountains of the Ecrins National Park.

But most of all, the Grange des Ecrins is the perfect example of the slow transformation which is taking place in the Southern French Alps. Indeed, the new owners have just spent twenty years of their lives in Shanghai. Jean, who was born and raised in the Champsaur valley and moved to China as a young man, and Meg, his Chinese wife, will welcome you with perfect English and a true world awareness.

Their great home made cuisine is inspired and delicious, ranging from the local "tourton du Champsaur" to home-made sushi.In the Grange des Ecrins, you will enjoy world food and have conversations with global minded people at the foot of superb mountains : is there a better definition of luxury ?


Make your friends and colleagues jealous and tell them you are going to spend a few nights in a Château in the heart of the French Alps. No doubt they will want to accompany you ! And a true Château it is ! This magnificent building's first stones date back to about a thousand years ago. All its rooms have an undeniable and unique charm and the attention that has been brought to the smallest details during its renovation about fifteen years ago is incredible. With the view overlooking the largest dammed lake in Europe (the Serre Ponçon lake) and the wonderful French gardens surrounding the castle, you will wish you had taken one more week off.

This beautiful building is also a place where speaking English won't be a problem, as Jacques (French) and Sharon (American) have spent years traveling the world before they bought the old building and turned it into the lovely place it is today. They will be of great advice if you ask them anything about the region and its history.

Enjoy all the activities Undiscovered Alps organises on and around the wonderful Serre Ponçon lake and go rest at the end of the day feeling like a king or a queen in a room with royal comfort !


Serigues is an exceptional property that will make you feel like the king of the French Alps ! This beautiful 18th century farmhouse is located at the top of a hill, at the end of a small and winding road. It enjoys great and unspoilt views over the surrounding valley and moutains, and is located between the main city of the region (Gap) and the Champsaur valley, where Undiscovered Alps organises the majority of your activities.

What is the most enjoyable at Serigues is the quiet, relaxing and voluptuous atmosphere. The difference between the rustic charm of the outside of the farm and the contemporary luxury of its three ensuite bedrooms is also striking : it is a perfect mix of tradition and modernity.

The continental breakfast which is served every morning will be the perfect starter for a day of intense activity in the mountains or on the rivers of the region. And when you come back in the evening, enveloped in peace and calm you will fall asleep to a royal night in the Alps.


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