All About Snowshoeing:

Snowshoeing is one of those great activities that anyone can do that get’s you to places that not just anyone can get to! Walkers and nature lovers will love this activity. You attach the snowshoes to your walking boots and once you've mastered the technique (levelling your weight over the shoes), pristine winter wonderlands become accessible to all - perfect for escaping the hubbub of the ski resorts.


Modern snowshoes are high tech, not like the old fashioned tennis racket ones! They spread your weight out over a greater surface area so you don't sink as far in to the snow allowing you to walk without sinking up to your knees every step. You can have your heel free which is the best position for most conditions or fixed in to the snowshoe for more stability going downhill or traversing. For going up hill there is a heel lift feature to make it easier and for icy conditions there are little crampons and front spikes for grip! It is adviseable to use poles when snowshoeing to help with balance.


The avalanche risk in winter is a very real and dangerous one and it is important to choose routes that are safe. If you are snowshoeing on your own, you should stick to the way marked snowshoeing routes which are in low avalanche risk areas. However, if there has been a big dump of fresh snowfall or if the avalanche risk is 4 or above, care is still

Snow conditions can also change whilst you are snowshoeing. Nice firm snow that supports your weight easily can easily transform into soft sinking snow in the sun, which turns the 5 km of easy walking down the valley into a massive physical challenge for the way back!

We highly recommend using a guided option when choosing snowshoeing.

Snowshoeing Holidays in Europe:

Any mountain range in Europe where snow falls will offer holidays.  We currently have a range of snowshoeing holidays in the French Alps to choose from. We have a guided snowshoeing week that is very popular and can tailor make a short weekend snowshoeing if you just want a quick snowshoeing adventure the mountains of Europe!